Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WOW. LOL. If you know what i'm refering to...

YO. It's 2am. I'm doing my homework. I just finished my second last paper and going onto my last. FUCKKK. I'm gonna be so damn tired tomorrow. My brain is like half dead so i really have to watch abit of tv and blog abit if not i'll go crazy!! So anyways. On mtv is showing "Plastic Surgery Obsession" and IT IS SO GROSS. LIKE INJECT INTO THE FACE LIKE I AM LIKE IN PAIN WHILE IM WATCHING IT. SICKOS.
Katy Perry is perfect without doing any plastic surgery stuff ^^ The most she did was having braces! OMG THE LADY GOT DOUBLE K BREAST WTF. HEAVY SIA. They say like 2 basketballs infront. Sicksicksicksick!!

You know you're in love when you just think about the person for the whole day. No matter what you're doing, that person will be floating around in your mind. Seeing or hearing that person or just their name makes your heart beat faster and there is nothing else you wanna do then just to make her happy. I'm refering to Katy Perry yo!! Kay needa finish homework lerh.


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