Monday, June 28, 2010

Sho shleeepy.

YO. I wanted to talk about what happened on the first day of school but i'm like... :/ Well, all i have to say is, i love my mothers and my aunties! :D Oh and if you think i'm crazy now, you should have seen me in primary school. I was fucking insane. I was way more perverted~ Now i'm considered NORMAL. So yeah...

This person right here is the reason for my moodswings. The reason why i'm happy. The reason why i'm sad.She's like the crush i'll never get over... The ex-gf who is getting married with another person that i'll never get over. Despite how painful everything might be, i'll still love you no matter what!

Gonna go chiong on my homeworks again lerh. Baizx

P.S California Gurls dropped to number 2 on the itunes list yesterday but now it's back on NUMBER 1! Number 1 most downloaded song and video (: AND. In the USA, California Gurls is also first on almost every single radio station. FUCKYES. Selena's Round & Round is the number 3 most downloaded video! (: So proud of my wifey and my girlfy xD

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