Saturday, June 19, 2010

Forever half full!

Despite all my complains about stuff, i'm actually a happy person. I am... I like to complain and say this sucks that sucks because i get depressed when i'm alone. Furthermore, i'm at home... I really don't like being at home... Even when i'm not alone there's someone bugging me :/ So yeahh... When i'm outside i'm rarely sad yer know! Maybe angry or sad for like 5 minutes but that's it~ (: And this picture makes me wanna say that... LAU SOCK GHIM YOU ARE SO SNOW WHITEEEE!! I mean look at her in this picture! She's doing the face you like =X And she has short hair like you and white skin like you! So if you say she ugly, you're saying yourself hor!! PRINCESS JASMINE IS STILL AWESOME :D

I'm still sad over the thingy below... Sigh. Katy Perryyyyyy ):

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