Friday, June 25, 2010

Just saw this old vid of Katy Perry getting her ahem waxed. SO FUNNY. When she came out she was like "Where's the bathroom? I wanna see my asshole" LOL. Then she say "it feels like somebody just rubbed chilli oil all over my... -stutters-" SO CUTE LAH OMGG. This picture is so... aww ): I love you katy~~ How can someone be so pretty and perfect? ~~~~

Heard 2 of the songs from the upcoming album but it's in like super low quality cuz it's like recorded at some place~ I LOVE THE SONG PEACOCK. FASTER COME OUT LEHHH. Must wait like 2 more months?! FUCKKKKK. Adam one even worst... 3 more months!! AHHHHH

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