Thursday, June 24, 2010


Wellll. So today got the crystal thingy workshop thingy at science centre~ Btw, THE DINOSAUR AT SCIENCE CENTRE IS REALLY SCARY LAH LOL. Okay so... Overall, the workshop was like kinda fail? Cuz the "crystals" were more like "powder" lol. But it was okay lahhh. I mean at school got do before liao. This is in a more uh hot n cold way. LOL So here are some peektures~ I LAIKE THE COLOUR~ lol

I love lab coats. I love anything that makes me look professional or like i'm actually doing something lol! Then after that we can go roam around inside on our own~ And here is a very awesome picture:
TA DA. LOLOL. Tongue to tongue with an anteater. They say it's gross but okay lah.. I mean it looks real but it isn't~ The anteater thang is cute anyways HAHA.

retarded peepo xD

My new boyfriend. I'mma go and see you tomorrow~ LOL. He doesn't look too amused tho -.- And if you look at the right side, ken's head is gone... scary x.x

Okayyy i feel very sore. i don't know why. I feel very hungry. and tomorrow gonna watch TOY STORY 3!! I didn't even watch 1 and 2... Lol. Bought my hammy's fav food for him~ He is like so damn pampered -.- I lurve youu. Hungry hungry! very very!! Katy Perry ):

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