Sunday, June 27, 2010

nothing seems to go right -.-

MTV is just being a major bitch right now. Can't remember how many freaking times i've heard OMG by Usher, Alejandro by Lady Gaga and Nothing On You by B.O.B feat Bruno Mars. Which asshole chooses the videos to play? He should just go and f himself upside down larh. I don't even know why i'm waiting. I'm waiting for a freaking miracle? Yeah More like waiting for my mum to wake up and whoop my arse. Yeah, so stupid of me to believe in that. Urgh. Now is the song Hey Soul Sister -.- GREAT. JUST GREAT. Tomorrow my mum bringing me to that place again. I think she's just wasting our time. I gave up hope on this leg years ago.

Goodnight (:

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