Sunday, June 27, 2010

In half an hour, 5 people won the free passes. 5 fucking people. I hope you guys get run over by a fucking car. Nono... I shouldn't curse other people. I should wish them the best. I should pray for you guys. I pray that you get run over by a motherfucking car!!! Maybe i should just accept fate right -.- If it's my fate to not win the free passes, not my fate to be with you, not my fate to see Katy Perry and not my fate to do well in maths. I should just fucking give up.

Give me some time... I'll try to tell you once i've figured out my thoughts because honestly speaking, i don't know what's going on right now... I just feel like... not doing anything. I don't wanna wake up to this horrible horrible world. I don't wanna go to school to see those horrible people. I don't wanna face reality... Let me go back to that dream. Let it continue forevarrrrrrr.

Well. My horoscope seems extremely... ironic. They say that next month, i'll be able to concentrate on my studies. All distractions gone. AS IF!! Katy Perry is coming. Do you really think that i'll be able to concentrate? Do you really think that there will be NO distractions? Are you sure about that? Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it... Yeah. I wished that Katy Perry would come to Singapore. Yeah she's coming alright... But guess what? I have nooooo moneyy. Furthermore it's on a Tuesday. But if i could go, fuck school. I'm going to Fort Canning Park in the morning.

There's these 2 websites called like "Gives me hope" and "Love gives me hope". Reading those stories only makes me feel worst. Those people were given hope and love. Why can't i have it too?! Lol. Okay lah. I'm making myself sound like the mosttt pathetic person on earth... I'm not. I'm counted "lucky". But it's not enough to me. I'm not the worst, neither am i one of the best and i don't like that.

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