Monday, June 21, 2010


I had a dream that i had a dream that i was collecting my O levels result. How did i do? Horribly. Like damn fucking horrible. I got F for every single subject. LIKE WHAT THE HELL! Then i woke up from that dream in my dream which means i'm still dreaming. In that dream, i was really going to collect my results... But my mum woke me up... :/ Argh.

Fatty in heaven.

My internet is fucked up. Like the router thingy spoil liaw. So now using my mum's usb wireless thingy... AND IT'S SO LAGGY. Like i wait for videos to load until i wanna die liao. I haz bean playing sims 3. I created Adam Levine and Katheryn Hudson. LOL. THEY ARE LIKE BEST FRIENDS! Somehow i can't get them to be lovers leh?! Sims 2 was easier -.-

Homework still not done. I'm scared that the teachers will scold nia. Esp CatChan.... Ohmygod. HAVE YOU SEEN HER SCOLDING PPL? Even when she's talking normally already like scary. IMAGINE HER SCOLDING PPL?! I don't think i can handle that zomg.

Anyways, i'mma put up a wishlist at the side ----> to remind myself of the stuff i want... IF NOT I'LL FORGET LIKE SRSLY LOL. So i'll just write it there... And you can help me fufill it if you want to =X Love youuu. Byeee

P.S THERE'S ONLY LIKE 2 POSTS ON THIS MAIN PAGE LEH. No more spamming of posts. Hehehe. I want Katy Perry ):

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