Monday, June 21, 2010


I WANTED TO BLOG ABOUT SOMETHING BUT AFTER WATCHING THE VIDEO OF KATY PERRY PERFORMING AT THE MMVA MY MIND TOTALLY WENT BLANK. All i could think of now is I WANNA GO TO HER CONCERT THEN HOPEFULLY SHE'LL THROW SOMETHING DOWN THE STAGE AND I'LL CATCH IT. LOL. Cuz she totally does that... She threw those inflatable strawberries down at some of her concerts and people really got it and brought it home... Or how bout a kiss? =X Those stuff cost money yo. A kiss is free yer knowwww

OMG SHE THREW THE LOLLIPOP THAT'S INFRONT OF HER SHIRT DOWN~ AND SHE SHOOK SOME OF THEIR HANDS. Not really shake lah. She reached her hand out and those ppl were all grabbing onto it! LOL. It's awesome how people are just dying to touch her hand :/ Including me...

AHH SCHOOL TOMORROW. Tomorrow the english thang sounds lame. I DON'T WANNA GOO. No more sleeping late. Pssh. OH Today afternoon when i woke up, i looked in the mirror and was like WOAH. What happen to you dude!? Yeah. 2 weeks of sleeping at 4am everyday is not doing good. Psshhh.

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