Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why do i feel like crying after knowing that Katy Perry is going to malaysia... NOOO PLEASE DON'T JUST STAY IN AMERICA PLEASe... Just stay there... OR CAN YOU LIKE COME TO SINGAPORE. WHY MALAYSIA. WHY THE FUCK MUST YOU FUCKING GO TO MALAYSIAA. Previously malaysia say what those other ppl de concert too sexy then need to wear nicenice. COME SINGAPORE LAH. DON'T NEED YOU TO WEAR NICENICE ONE. YOU CAN WEAR WHATEVER SHIT YOU WANT. YOU DON'T WEAR ALSO NEVERMIND ONE LARHH COME ONNNNN.

WHY AM I CRYING OMG. idiot -.- You didn't cry when Maroon 5 came to singapore... Why are you crying when Katy Perry is going to Malaysia?! LIKE ITS NOT EVEN IN SINGAPORE. You ass... DX!!

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