Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kinda wordy? lol...

Today ended in a high but ended on a low. It's another one of those days when something you really anticipated for a long time turns into a big fat nothing... It's also those days when you finally took the time to do your homework but the teacher didn't want it :/ It's incomplete but hey, at least i did something... Went home, went into my room and realise 3 of my Katy Perry's poster has fallen... -Sigh- Opened the tv and realise i just missed the "If We Ever Meet Again" music video... -sigh-
I've been slacking my way through since like primary school... So it's seriously not easy for me to just wake up so suddenly... Now everyone seems to be so busy with homework. For example my dearest Gaga!! She has like tons of homework but she still can't resist using the computer LOL. Not much time for us to really talk... SIAN. I hate thursday for one reason and one reason only- Chemistry lesson ends damn fcking late. Damn it...

My mum cares more about what other people/feel about her rather than how i really feel. For example, when i was sick she would still insist that i go to school because she was afraid that the teacher will blame her for letting me SKIP SCHOOL and thus make her lose face. And also when she's buying clothes for me, if she likes it and the shops person likes it and i hate it, she will just buy it... Then she'll blame me for not wearing it. I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T LIKE IT RIGHT!!

With every breath that i am worth here on earth
I'm sending all my love to you
So if you dare to second guess
You can rest assure that all my love's for you

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