Saturday, April 10, 2010


Woke up at 9 and went to school for CS remedial. When i got there, viknesh told me it was CANCELLED. KAO! But viknesh called Mdm lim and told here we're here already... Since she lives nearby, she came back! LOL! Then after the remedial when we were leaving school, bumped into mawaddah!! and riz! Talk about coincidence~ AWESOME.
They came back to clean the bottles but the school closes at 1pm so only had a little time left. Today only manage to remove the outer layer thing for one plastic bag! SOME OF THE BOTTLES INSIDE GOT BLACKBLACK STUFF SIA. GROSS. Can't imagine those that has been in there for a few months... -shudders-

After that went to JP to eat! Then took bus home with Mawaddah cuz she going to WORK. LOL. So now at home using com and watching some movie on tv and eating ice cream. Yeah. COUCH POTATO. NO LIFEE. Kay bye.

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