Thursday, June 3, 2010

another one of those Katy Perry post

Hmm. I have this fetish for women wearing those suits that men wear. I MEAN IT LOOKS SO AWESOME. And also, i LOVE those converse kinda shoes. And i blardy love Katy Perry. AND! I also like people wearing long sleeves shirts that reaches the hand there this picture below.So this picture is like PERFECT? LOL. Katy Perry in a long sleeved suit and those shoes. I love youuuu!
TA DA! The sleeve like covering the hand halfway kind. I LIKE! And she looks coldd -hugs- and i spot eye circles! LOL. It's okay, you're still perfect to me. Wifey shall be mine forever (:

and i'm singing best friend by toybox now with the different man and woman voice with the HOO! and the HAs! Kinda afraid that my neighbours and the dude who rents the room might hear but what the heck! I shall share my voice with the world =X

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