Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cruella will always be Cruella.

Have i ever mentioned how much i love Cruella De Vil? If i have then well, i'm mentioning it again. I fucking love Cruella De Vil. EVEN HER NAME IS COOL! She kinda scares me but there's just something about her that i like and i seriously don't know what. Like in the movie, yes she is cruel BUT somehow i feel sad for her. Like when she gets baked into a cake and bullied by the dogs, i felt angry at the dogs. Instead of like "HAHA YOU DESERVE IT" i'm like "NOOOO". Yer know? I mean like how many people with half black half white hair have you seen? Not much right? Hehe. If i was Cruella i wouldn't be obsessed with fur coats! I would rather be obsessed with shoes! Yayy.

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