Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Err. My day was ohkayyyy

Well. Helloo. Today started off bad. Like EXTTREMELY fucking bad. You have no freaking idea how freaking pissed i was LOL! But now i'm like okay? But i feel and look like i lack a thousand years of sleep. Okay so here are a few pictures. There are more but mostly unglam ones... If i post em, i might get killed. So we went to Clarke Quay! To do idk what. Orh cuz sockghim wanna buy sweet -.- SHE BUY ALOT SIA. Like no need money like that worr. OMG MY HAMSTER IS LIKE CARRYING ALL THE COTTON THINGY INSIDE HIS HOUSE! He wants to make it comfy. Aww how adorable ^^ Then walked around? To find something to eat? Like idk lol. Then ended up at this pizza place thing. But weirdly hor, i eat one piece of pizza then full liao leh?! Now when i burb there's still a hint of the pizza taste. LOLS! Nom nom nom.
Then that's pretty much it. I wanna go to science centre, snow city, that crocodile farm and the zoo. It's already the 2nd week of the holidays... And there's like a fuck load of homeworks. Freaking teachers... If you complain about having alot of homework, they'll complain about having alot to mark. HELLO! Marking is sorta easier then doing it... And if you dun want to mark alot then dun give so much loh xp

OMGOMG GREENDAY VIDEO ON MTV. BILLIE JOE IS SO FUCKING ADORABLE AND SEXY. But like now he old liao then he looks old... Like around his eyes there old :/ And tre cool de chubby cute face also like sag down liao. LOL. Well... At least they're still rockingg!!

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