Monday, June 14, 2010

I might sound a lil... sick :/

OMG. Katy Perry was on this soccer talk show thing. LIKE OH MY GOD. I watched the video of course... Even tho i had zero interest in soccer.. BUT IT'S KATY FREAKING PERRY. Of course i'mma watch it! And the dress she was in was so freaking awesome. A TIGHT DRESS! SO SEXY OMG. LOL. It's the england flag + usa flag. She looks phenomenal!! Somemore her ponytail was tied so high up~ I LIKE. OMG. And she was hilariousss. The interview said something like the guys who support england won't shave their beard. Then Katy say she won't shave also. LOL. Then she stood up, point to her below there and screamed I'M NOT GONNA SHAVE! LOLS. I love you larh wifey (:

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