Sunday, June 13, 2010

katy katy perry

I seriously hate it when i'm watching or listening to a song or video of Katy Perry and someone is talking to me. Like what my mum is doing now... Like i'm watchign a video of her her and my mum keeps talking to me and i have to pause and pause and pause!!! GODDD. Okay lah. I shall not say bad things about you since its your birthday tomorrow~ Lol.

sometimes i feel like just giving up on everything :/ i told my mum i was autistic LOL

and this is exactly why the reason i dun like to plan stuff. NOTHING EVER GOES RIGHT WHEN YOU FUCKING PLAN STUFF! I'm just gonna go with the flow liao lah. Like what katy perry's tattoo says~ ... so yeah. FUCK YOU PLANNING!!

and today i realise that there are more people then i thought reading my blog. HMMM! Like i thought only 2 people reading sia. BUT I WAS WRONGG. I feel so exposed suddenly. omg. nvm. You can get to know more about Katy Perry by reading my blog... YAY. GO KP!

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