Saturday, June 5, 2010


Heylo! Today morning i woke up around 8 and i was like panicking cuz I CAN'T FIND MY BEARBEAR. I was like searching around then i was like yah hor.. My mum say she wanna take and wash... Ohkay loh. I felt insecure sleeping after that :/ Woke up later at like 12+ and went to buy a new hamster cage for my fatty!! WOO! From a 1 room HDB flat become like semi-detached house or whatever you call that. Lol! It's brighter and has more space yo! But somehow i feel fatty doesn't really care about the size loh.

All the needs is his food. LOL! I LOVE YOU~

62 out of 121 of my blog posts has Katy Perry in it. Interestinggggg. Lol

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