Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No peekture.

So today morning was bloody fustrating :/ But my anger subsidies really quickly one... so now i'm kinda okay liao LOL! Anyways, went to the library with AH GHIM. NUMBER OF HOMEWORK I'VE COMPELTED: zero

i know i know, we're awesome and you love us :D Then went to her house and the lava was cool!! Like at first it looks like some alien forming then when it heated up, got blobs going up and downn! We were literally looking at it~ So awesome. But after that right, that was this HUGE blob below. It keep on floating up halfway and dropping down. We see until pekchek liao sia! Then ghim turned it off lol!

Okay got a headache now and we wanna go to beach again! WEE. TOMORROW CALIFORNIA GURLS VID. YAY YAY YAY. According to the time in LA now, it's like 5am in the morning... The video comes out at noon. SO that'll be like 7 hours laterrr. And here the 7 hours later will be like 3am? I MUST WAIT. I'M GONNA WAITTTTTTTT. PLEASE POST IT ON THE WEBSITE PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEE. but some website write 8pm leh? ARGH. I CAN'T WAIT AHHHHHH SO EXCITEDD

And i TOTALLY understand what Jessica meant... Next time i shouldn't spazz over Katy Perry to other people... CUZ THEY ALL THINK THAT I'M PERVERT OMG. LIKE ALL OF THEM SIA.... My reputation was ruined! As if i had one. HAHA. And somemore other people's impression of me is WEIRD. So i have nothing to lose liao... Finefine. I'm a pervert and i love my wifey :D

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