Monday, June 7, 2010

Pardon me...

Yesterday night i was lying on bed and i felt very tired. I looked at Katy Perry and i felt nothing. I felt tired of loving her. Like all these is gonna lead to nothing. Is this really what i'm going to do with my life? Yes maybe... I don't know

People ask me what do i picture myself doing in like 10 years or so. I picture myself in a room with a huge television, a super comfy sofa, tons of cds/dvds etc, an xbox or whatever gaming console there is and a fridge that has a never ending amount of junk food. I like the thought of that. I wake up, play game or watch movies then when i get hungry there's a fridge there and i can drink as much soft drinks as i want. I like that. I really like that.

I'm just a sad and lazy excuse for a human being. Lol. I think i'd rather be hamster. I can just eat and sleep and scamper around in my cage and drinking from my bottle... I can poop and pee wherever i want and people would actually love me and take care of me. Yer know?

I felt disgusted when i look at pictures of you. Like why did i even like you? Nevermind, it's not like the first time such things have happened -.- But please, stop being thickskin and say things like i love you too much to hit you. Fuck off. I will freaking cut your nuts off if you disturb my friends again. You said you might delete everyone's contact on your phone next year eh? I hope you do. I don't want to have anything to do with you ever again. Just go away, please.

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