Saturday, July 10, 2010

Finefine, i'll admit it. I don't really like the fact that Katy Perry has like changed? I mean i read interviews of her from the past and what she says right now... It's like totally different... And from her style also like obviously got change... ): One example is last time she say don't go with the flow but now she has a tattoo that says go with the flow. Lol. Then it brings me back to the main point that she is a scorpio... And 90% of the people i don't like are... well... scorpios... And horoscope also say that scorpios has the worst reputation in the horocsope thing. O.O MEH. I STILL LOVE YOU. LOL. Anyways, i slept for 16 fucking hours!! i feel refreshed. Not really... still kinda sleepy...

My mum keeps on wanting to throw my bearbear away ): She say she will buy a new one for me. It's not the same!! Then you throw this daughter away, then you go find another one loh. Still same? No!! I'm never gonna throw my bearbear away and i'm never gonna stop loving Katy Perry! DEAL WITH IT!!

Have been watching alot of Family Guy and The Simpsons lately... Family Guy is like so pervertic sia!! They say it's like pornography without the sex. The Simpsons is just... lame. lol! Kay byee

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