Sunday, July 11, 2010

How do i get better once i've had to best?

Everytime i love someone, i would want to keep that person to myself. I don't want to share that person with anyone. That person is mine. I'll get jealous if anyone else gets close to them. Yeah, i'm selfish. I wish i can change that. I really do. I wish i didn't exist. I really do.

Oh and the reason i hate my parents is not totally because of Katy Perry larh... It's partially... Another reason is cause they don't care about me... I tell them i'm sad. I tell them i might have depression. I tell them i might be fucking going insane. What do they do? Nothing. It's not easy for me to open up to someone and when i do, they just slammed the door right in my face. THANKS HUH.

lol what's with me :/ Nevermind. I'll probably cheer up when i see your face on Monday then go back to being sad on the weekends! Buaibuai.

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