Saturday, July 3, 2010

i don't have a reason

Firstly, i would like to dedicate the song Teardrops On My Guitar to you!
Secondly, i feel extremely cold.
Thirdly, i am smsing ghim moh
Fourthly, i just finished feeding my fatty
Fifthly, i feel that sometimes things are so cute until i seriously feel like squeezing or pinching the shit out of them! Or i just wanna hurl vulgarities at them. Am i the only one who feels this way? lol!
Sixthly, just now i dropped my chicken wing on my bearbear... shootzx.
Seventhly, if i had to choose between kp and you, i might choose you.
Eightly, is there such words as fifthly sixthly seventhly all those? I'm just anyhow whacking... lol.
Ninethly, my ulcers fucking hurts.
and Lastly, here is a picture of Katy Perry.

That was so pointless -.- Actually i just wanted to post a picture of Katy Perry lol. Like what the Katycats say...


Goodbye and goodnight my most dearest beloved you (:

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