Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i would love to play twister with katy perry LOL

I can't believe i actually overslept. Like i only woke up at 7.40... I wake up and look around and was like WHY SO BRIGHT ONE? Then i see my alarm clock WTFWTF MY ALARM NEVER RING. Then my mum walked in at 7.50 to wake me up and i'm like seriously? So i shall wake up naozx and do homework...... IDK HOW TO DO FRACTION LOL! ANYWAYS. Was changing through the radio channels then stopped at 98.0fm and then i heard I KNOW A PLACE~ WHERE THE GRASS IS REALLY FUCKING GREENERR. CALIFORNIA GURLS BITCHESS. Okay that's not exactly what i heard but you get the idea.... I SCREAMED~ FOR ICE CREAM AHH SO HAPPY HEHE. IT'S SO AWESOME. And if it's really not fate to see you, i shall... wait T.T But you know i still love you Katy Perry!!!! The song end liao ): Shad.

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