Sunday, July 11, 2010

It drives me crazy when you act so cruel~

Today me ate both the things i want no my wishlist. :D And me got new shoe! But not the one i want tho. It's new school shoe~ I WANT THAT NIKE SHOE DAMN ITTT. I shall wait. Ahh Katy Perry is coming to singapore.... PLEASE PEOPLE. I AM NOT GOING. STOP COMING TO ME AND ASK "Eh you going to see Katy Perry when she coming?" NO I AM NOT. WHY? CUZ IT'S BLARDY EXPENSIVE AND MY PARENTS DON'T LET!! Lol. 3rd August shall be the worst day ever of my life. Sad.

GOnna go eat moar right naozx. Since already take height and weight. I shall eat till i drop and i don't fucking care if you say that i'm gonna become fat!! I ALREADY AM. Screw you and your skinny body whatever. BLEARH

and... now i totally don't feel like going grad night liao -.-

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