Friday, July 16, 2010

Lol. kpkpkpkpkp

Ahhh. Back to the crappy mood again. STUPID TV. Show all those singfest advertisements....

And don't come telling me that it's just singest or those whatever shit. If you have never been obsessed with anyone before, you would never understand my feelings. If you have and you still don't understand how i feel, then maybe you're not as obsessed as me okay? Do you kiss pictures of them no matter where it is? I do. Do you stare at their pictures for like a very long time and just think about them? I do. Are you willing to take a bullet for them even if it kills you? I am willing to. Are you willing to tattoo their names on yourself? I am. In conclusion i am perfectly willing to do anything for her... I will do anything she asks me to do but the only problem is, she will never ask me to do anything... Heck. I love you Katy Perry!

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