Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lurve Lurve~

She’s everything I want but all that I don’t need
How can she be so hot yet be so cold to me
How can it be so wrong and yet it feels so right
I wish I never but I need you tonight

Currently addicted to ze song yo. Hehe. The only thing i ate today for lunch, dinner and supper is pizza... I think i'mma puke at the sight of another pizza manzx... In fact, the thought of it is disgusting... Oh god... And P.S LAU SOCK GHIM! YOU KNOW I LURVE YOU~ HAHA!

And i realise something... When i was watching the California Gurls video, i was actually doing the facial expressions KP is making... Example when she like XD i XD too. Then when she O.O i O.O too. Lol. Isn't she just precioussss? Anyways. My brother laughed at me when i played L4D2 ): Evil ass. I lurve you too Kenny Goh!

Oh! And i can see Katy's bellybutton in the picture abovee. -pokespokes- LOL. Okay lame. GOodnighttttzx (:

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