Friday, July 2, 2010

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Ghim they all say i've been extra weird this week. I have an explanation for this... Cuz nowadays, i have alot of mixed emotions... I feel happy, sad, enthusiastic, disappointed, depressed, excited, elated, in love, rejected and afraid all at the same time. All of them just crashed together and i really don't know what to feel... I feel lostttt. I'm fucking confused. HELP ME. LOL. SEE!! I'm like really desperate for help yet i can't help it but say LOL. Sigh.

Oh and Thank you very much (:

Oh P.S I do know that California Gurls has the kinda same beat as Ke$ha's Tiktok... I mean you can't really blame Katy Perry cuz like they had the same producers if i'm not wrong... But California Gurls still beat Tik Tok anyways. ^^ I love you no matter what!

OH AND MAROON 5'S NEW VIDEO IS OUT. YAY I LOVE YOU TOO ADAM YOU SEXY MOTHERFUCKERRR. Omg the video was like so violent yet it's so wrong but it's so sexy? THE LADY WAS LIKE BITING HIS EAR. Wow. Okay i'm speechless lol

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