Monday, July 19, 2010


Just woke up from a one hour nap on my sofa. I think the guy who rent my house have seen me sleeping unglamly here for alot for alot of times liao... For that, i'm sorry. Haha.

Alrighty. Today has been a rather... weird day :/ I mean like okay in the morning, there was this old lady lying down on the floor at the bus stop. When i saw her, she was wearing clothes. But apparently, after i left right, she took off her clothes sia... Mawaddah saw!!! Need to clean eyes liaw. Lolol. Let's hope that someone stomps it...

Then bio and chem i didn't do the homework but surprisingly, i managed to escape wor. I was like shitshitshitshit. Then i just walk pass the teacher like nothing happen and hey! It's done. Hahaa. MATHS ALSO. I mean the teacher did realise i didn't do my homework... But the circle thingy was understandable (Y) Then during english Miss Ang was high o.o lol.

Then... After that i went to jp after my remedial then I SAW LAI YI LING AND XU ZHEN RONG LEH. Lai yi ling is so cute. Lol then hor... I was at watsons... Then right i walked back, i didn't look behind me. I FELL ON A PERSON. FUCK. I THOUGHT IT WAS LIKE BOX OR SOMETHING SIA. THEN I REALISE. SHIT IT'S A GUYYYY. HE SQUATTING DOWN THERE WTF. Then i was like OHMYGOD I'M SO FUCKING SORRY. My god... Awkward...

and i practically just spent my entire week's allowance today... I'm only left with like 3 bucks o.o Shootzx ): And the warning thingy at my blog starting makes it sound like i'm putting porno on here or something. No lah.. Just that i wanna say those thingy you know you know like HEY I WARNED YOU LIAO LEH. So don't call me a pervert. LOL. Ohkay i'm so tired ):

Oh god. I want that tongue in my mouth. NAOZX! Wifey is making new music video. Heh (:

Honestly speaking, this is the first time i got this kind of pimple that like can squeeze stuff out one... Like usually mine only just redred neh!! SO STOP ASKING ME TO SQUEEZE IT. IT SOUNDS SCARY. Lol. Okok. BUAI.

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