Wednesday, July 14, 2010

That singapore thing officially sucks donkey balls. They say Katy Perry's blue hair started off as a "desperate attempt to gain attention". To whichever bitch or bastard that's writing it, please get your facts right before criticising people okay? She had her reason for wearing that blue wig okay? She wore it at first cuz she got her first lead role in The Smurfs. Smurf = blue, hence the blue wig. Then she just continued wearing it cause she already wore it on like the picture of her first single, okay? Well... At least they say now it's nice but still! Firstly you mistook Selena Gomez for Demi Lovato now you wanna talk bullshit about Katy Perry? Please go shoot yourself.

AND also. Please. It's KatY Perry. Not KatIE Perry. I still can accept if you spell it as Kate Perry cuz her name was Kate Hudson but katIE perry? Seriously? And it's not the first time already!! IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO SPELL!!

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