Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wellll. That went well? Lol.

Today morning i came to school and i don't know why i have this feeling that it's going to be a bad day. It was ohkay lah... It's like any other normal school days loh. Except that catchan's class was HILARIOUS. She is so cute LOL.
MT ORAL IS OVAR. LIKE FUCKYES. The question wasn't really that hard bah. I mean like i can relate to the question because i have done that before :/ The question is something like teenagers like to hurt themselves when they are sad? Then i did that before when i was like in sec 1 and 2? LOL. I told the chers and they look so concerned sia!! At the end they were like "It's over now liao ah. Don't go do this kinda things again" THEY GOT SMILE LEH. Makes me feel less nervous. Hehe

After that went to HARRIS with ah ghim!!! I was like looking through the magazine rack and i saw this:
This was the part of the magazine i saw and something was telling me to like take it out. look at the mag. look at it. take it. take it take it. But there was some lady standing infront blocking so i just stood there staring at the magazine for like awhile then the lady realise and she moved away LOL. Then i pulled out the magazine... And well i think you can guess who it is
KATY PERRY. Believe it or not... I actually kinda recognised her by like a small portion of her hair.... I HAVE KATY PERRY SENSES. Like you know spiderman got spidersenses... I GOT KP SENSES YAY. I love you wifey (:

And i know i've posted this picture before but i have to post it again.

IT'S SO DAMNNNNNNN SEXYYYYYY. I love her legs T.T LOL. Ohkayyy. I had alot of things in my mind just now but now it's like gone cuz i'm like kinda pissed that i have to do homework lol. but i shall do it ltr. It's lit and maths... Have to do by tml or the teachers will probably kill me or something. KAY BYE

I won't do that to you. So why not me? lol.

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