Thursday, August 19, 2010

baby you're a firework

I... Just had another awesome dream... Previous one was the bestest dream of you, now it's the bestest dream ever of KATY PERRY!!!!!! That's was so bloody awesome... I can't remember the full dream tho... I remember parts of it. And the parts of it are parts with KATY PERRRYYY in it. SO HERE I GOOO
Okay so at first is i'm at this event, sitting down. Then beside me de table is KATY PERRYYY!!!! Then i was sitting beside SockGhim i was like OHMYGODD. Then i wanted to go over to ask her for autograph and stuff. Then i was digging through my bag finding a pen and paper and stuff. But when i found em, Katy Perry was GONE!!!!! Heartbroken.

Then after that the dream jumped to me in a classroom. I was sitting alone at the back. Then ghim came in and she wanna sit beside me, i was like NOOO!!!! So she -.- and just stand there. Then after awhile, KATY PERRY CAME IN. I WAS LIKE "HERE HERE!!! SIT BESIDE ME!!!" AND SHE REALLY DIDDDDD. AWWWW!! My hand touched her hand~

Then it jumped again... I was walking then infront was this movie thingy? There's this projecter screen and a sofa infront of it! It was outside, like under the stars~ Then i walk towards it, KATY PERRY WAS ON THE SOFA. AWWW. Then i sat beside her. THEN SHE LEAN ON ME. SHE PUT HER HEAD ON MY SHOULDER. AWW!!!! Then she seems very comfortable~ She was smiling smiling. Awww MY HEART WAS BEATING FAST LIKE CRAZY. I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA HAVE A HEART ATTACK SIA. Then she also held onto my hand... AWWW!! Wah. If only it could go on forever... Thinking of that part makes me wanna cry liao. SO SWEEEEEEETT. I love you Katy Perry ):

The thing is, throughout the whole dream, she never talked at all. Neither did i. It was total silence between us yet is was so... awesome ): AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!!

Furthermore i'm listening to Katy Perry's song "Firework" now... It's so amazing... COME ON SHOW THEM WHAT YOU'RE WORTH!! It's so... INSPIRING LOL. Or whatever. No seriously, the song is really very inspiring kind then makes you wanna GO FOR IT!! It's awesome... I'm so proud of you wifey T.T Just in case if you wanna listen to it, link is hereee.

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