Saturday, August 28, 2010

i'm still in my pyjamas~

I'm kinda glad i overslept today. Cuz i woke up around 8 and i saw the message "LIT MOCK EXAM CANCELLED" WEE!! Thank god i didn't wake up at 6 and prepareprepare if not i'mma kill someone!! ANYWAYS. Slept more and woke up at like 2pm!

Went to the kitchen and i feel like i've hit the freaking jackpot sia!!!!! In the fridge got a few packets of green tea, on the table got a few packets of tidbits. THEN RIGHT. I GO OPEN THE STOREROOM ZOMG EVEN MOARR!! I WAS LIKE OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMOMG!!!! To some people it's normal but to me ITS LIKE OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! Usually my house only have those HEALTHY food thanks to my mum... BUT THIS TIME MY DAD GOT ALL THOSE JUNKFOOD. OHYEAHHH!!!!Image Hosting by
HAPPY HAPPY. LOL. I haz cough and ulcer now ): OMG 2 MORE DAYS!!! I'm so freaking nervous i don't know why LOL. FASTER TIME MOVE YAY.

I miss your pretty face~

Happy also eat. Sad also eat. Angry also eat. Bored also eat. STOP EATING JASMIN!!!!!! OOOO Something smells delicious... I'mma go eat naozx. BYE

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