Saturday, August 7, 2010

infect me with your love~

Crap. I got 2 cuts on my lips!! Now become ulcer liao. Wahliew. Pain siol... Somemore it's on both sides of my lower lip... How did i get it? Well... Katy Perry did this to me. HAHA! The result of me and her... making out. I don't know what i'm saying now... SO bloody tired T.T Not thinking straight and somemore listening to Katy Perry songs. WEEEE. GOODNIGHTTT!!

I want you, Katy Perry. I haz sudden craving to play badminton but i'm SOOOO tired right now. Kay GOODNIGHT AGAIN!!

Oh and i dunno which picture have i not posted or posted before... So if got like repeat de picture please pardon me larh... Katy Perry overloaded!! kkk i should shut up. For the last last time, GOODNIGHTT

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