Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello. Today ish NDP celebration! Scream and sing and whatever. Yay. Got win prize neh. 4/9 4/9 4/9!! Charity baazar... Didn't really walk around was sitting down there cuz was sooo tired from all the screaming earlier. After gate open went to jp and like STILL DON'T HAVE THE KP MAGAZINE. FASTER LEH SINGAPORE.... Anyways, Ghim, Nick and Miinwei came to my house... Nicholas de L4D skillz not bad neh!! Better then koko and ghim at least LOL! Okay tired to say so much. So... PICTURESSS!! She likes me neh :/ Obsessed with me. I'm shy larh :$ AND HERE ARE PICTURES OF MY FATTY HAMMY.
Adorable!! My little ball of fat.
Close up!!
Very rare chance to take picture with her LOL
She likey golden kiwi xD
Miinwei left first then nicholas and ghim just left... They stayed from like around 2pm to now like 10pm siol. LOL!

Wifey is back in America to prepare for her TCA lerh. Good luck wifey! I know you'll do your best and you will be the best (: I feel kinda relieved that she's not here anymore... If not i'll be obsessed with checking her status on twitter HOPING that she'll tell us where she is so i can stalk her. Hehe. I love you wifey.

Lastly... I think they should have let us sing more like during the celebration? Play all the past year songs and let us sing lah! Like that more fun xp Me likey to sing. It makes me happy.

Lol. Yet again, I'M BACK TO WHERE I BEGIN. FUUUU. After trying and trying i just can't......!! Meh. I want to sing~ sing a song for singapore~~

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