Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Omg. Adam Levine's maths was super horrible during his high school years!! He also didn't like school and he was totally just wanna go into his music career. Then, his maths teacher knew about it and told him that he would give him a C+ for his maths final exam no matter how bad he did cuz he really needed that to pass his high school. So awesome right!? So during the exam, he left the paper completely blank lol! He say even if he tried, he also don't know how to do lol! So instead, he wrote a letter at the back of the paper for his maths teacher telling him he won't regret it In the end, really got C+ leh! What the hell. But the teacher really didn't regret it anyways. Adam ish now famous ^^ And the teacher also went to his concert before. So cool!!!!!

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