Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pretty perry~

OHGODDDDD. TOMORROW PRELIM. IM NOT READY HAHAHA. LOL. Since when is Jasmin so concerned?! Kidding. I'm not... Just kinda... Ohmygod. What to do what to do. DON'T PANIC JASMIN!! You know what happens when you panic god damn it. Today felt really empty. Cause my mummy, mama, maid and sister never come. ): I don't have anybody to stare at, nobody to bully, nobody to disturb and nobody to make fun of. Aww. I went late today tho! The detention is pretty bloody awesome. No teacher one sia. Just sign in, then if you want can stay longer or shorter just write the timing one hour later then can go... I was like O.O Seriously...? Okay enough bout school. I'M CURRENTLY VERY HAPPY. I GOT MY GLAMOUR MAGAZINEE!!
It was smaller then i expected tho xD And btw, that time i say the Q magazine cheat my feeling but i got 8 days to replace it!!! AHH SHE SO PRETTTYY LARHHHHHH. Am currently watching tv, eating, typing and reading the magazine. HOHOHOHOHO!!!! Multi-tasking ftw. OH MY GOD THE WAY SHE EATS THE KUEH LAPIS SO CUTE. Even tho no video of it BUT IT SOUNDS ADORABLE. She gingerly peels off a layer and eats it. CUTE LARH WAHLAU. Dying... I can totally imagine her doing it... So... adorable...

I don't consider myself a computer or internet addict? It's just that other then using the computer, i have nothing else to do. Don't tell me can study or clean my room... DON'T WANTT. LOL. Kay need to concentrate on my magazine right naozx. GONNA STUDY LATER. WEEEE.

Buaizx. I wove youuuuuuuuu! Oh and I WANT MY TEENAGE DREAM!!!!!!

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