Saturday, August 14, 2010


I shouldn't have watched that video... Now i'm so damn jealous and... uh. Yeah. KATYYY PERRRYYY WHY ARE YOU SO SEXY!!

I have a blueblack on my arsee from falling and i'm having a huge headache!!

Fuh. It's gonna be Sunday tomorrow... And then Monday... FML!!

it's Not Like The Movies, it's a Teenage Dream.

Why don't anyone love me back? Like as in don't love me as much as i love them... Maybe those normal friends have lah. But what about the rest? Here i am, willing to die for you guys and you guys are like meh. Manzx.

My headache is freaking killing meee.. shooootzxx

Ahhh why singapore don't have those magazines yettt fasterr i wantttt my magaziness with katy perry on the coverrr. I've got like 6? of them now btw. I NEED MOAARRRRRRR

The Smurfs North American theatrical release date was originally December 17, 2010 but it was pushed back to July 29, 2011. It was pushed back again to the currently scheduled date, August 3, 2011. Wow. August 3rd.... August 3rd 2010, i saw Katy Perry. August 2011, a movie starring Katy Perry is coming out. This is too much x.x


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