Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sorry for blogging so many times in a day huh. LOL! Okayokay anyways, GOTTA START CLEARING MY DEBTS!! I suddenly remembered sia... To the people who i owe money to, I'M SO SORRRYYY. Okayokay, Katy Perry better not come this year again!! I don't think she will tho... Even tho she say coming VERY soon... DON'T!! Next year next year. Hehe.

IT'S ON IT'S ON IT'S ON~~ I don't really like Demi tho... What happen to Selena and Demi?! So sad T.T

Those tv shows needs to stopppppppppppppp replayinggg the same episodes over and over again!!!! Arghhh.

I am dying from listening to the dunno how many seconds preview of the song "Peacock"... They're releasing songs from her album like one per week... Next one be Peacock leh T.T Please?!?! Next one will be released on 17 August!!

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