Tuesday, August 31, 2010

you still looked perfect despite the fact that you're...

HEYHO. Here's a picture of my mighty wallet btw!!! WHO DOES THE LADY REMIND YOU OF? KATY PERRY? YESYESYES. Which is one of the reason why i kinda bought it... AND ALSO! Because it's 100% recyclable. It's water and stain proof and i've been wanting it for a loonngg time. HAHA I'm like advertising have anot. They should pay me. Kidding. BUT I REALLY LOVE IT THO. People see liao they're like MEH but to me i'm like YEAHH AWESOMEE!!!

Just now when i was going home at the bus stop, this random lady started talking to me... Felt kind uncomfortable because i don't really like to talk to strangers... I'M SHY YKNOW. LOL. But yeah. I talked to her lohh. Ta da.
Here's a picture of Ghim moh sleeping with nicholas at the back!!

I feel sleepy. BUT GONNA SLEEP LATE LATER SINCE TML NO SCHOOL. WEEEE. Gonna drink some coffee, eat some chocolate and play some games to keep me awake!!!! Oh that reminds me... GHIM FATHER SAY I GAINED WEIGHT. IS IT REALLY THAT OBVIOUS? T.T I feel so fucking fat right now... Urgh damnn

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