Thursday, September 16, 2010


I seriously couldn't concentrate during Literature paper just now... I kept on thinking about EGGSS. Like seriously... I had a sudden craving for eggssssssss. Damnnnn. I'm fcking hungry right now but i'm lazy to cook... Ahh. OH but the good news is, i got my ice cream. Heh. Gonna eat it latarrrr. Happy is Jasmin ^^

I always thought that infront of people, i'm a very happy person... But apparently that's not the case wor... Even the horoscope ask me to think happy thoughts. Kkkkkk. I tryyyyy. ANYWAYS. Thank you Jessica for the little thingy you said at msn yesterday. Kinda made my day. Hehe

I love love love love love my wifeyyyyyyyyy~~

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