Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it may not last but i don't know...

I feel horrible right now. I feel sad and angry at the same time i feel guilty for something i didn't even do. Time really does heal wounds... But i don't want this wound to heal. I'd rather it just keep on getting worst and infected to the point where it'll just... rot... Because even if it healed, i'm just gonna get hurt again...

What was i even thinking? Like the facebook thing... Never allow someone to be your priority when you're just their option. :/ You know there's people in real life and tv shows who kill the person they are obsessed with? Yeah... I used to think that they were crazy but now i know exactly how they feel. If they can't have that person, nobody can!! LOL. Crazy. Like the A Little Piece Of Heaven mv... RIP HER HEART OUT AND EAT ITT!!

Anyways. Katy Perry was usually suppose to cheer me up but she just made me even sadder... Just watched the video of her on Ellen Degeneres show. Ellen invited some bitch on stage because she's wifey's BIGGEST FAN. Whatever lah. I'm wifey's biggest aircon. Wifey hugged her... Wifey held onto her hand... T.T Why wifey... Why... Can't remember the last time i held someone else's hand in mine... ):

Why are you so perfect T.T WHY. Stop smiling at me... Stop looking at me with those eyes... Stop winking at me... Stop mesmerizing me with your beautiful voice... Stop seducing me LOL. Stop... Just... stop... ):

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