Monday, September 20, 2010

She got me like oh my god~ i'm soo in lovee

My mum thinks the reason for me being so lazy and stuff its because of Katy Patty. Yeah that's how she pronounces it. She say cause i dedicated most of my time going crazy over her instead of studying and stuff... She say it's pointless... Do you really think i like to do this with myself? There are certain times i tried to get rid of her k. But even taking down one poster of her is painful. Like my heart is LITERALLY hurting. Can't you see this from another perspective? I mean...
She cheers me up when i'm sad... Whenever i'm on the verge of killing myself or something, i'll go look at her schtuff and i'll feel much much better.
Whenever i'm super pissed, i'll also go listen to her songs. Her voice calms me down and makes me happy again. It's not entirely a bad thing!! Getting rid of it is not as easy as it sounds!! Koko say she know why i'm so obsessed. Because i have a room full of her. LOL. Everywhere she turns there is like a Katy Perry there. =X Jessica understands how i feel ):

Anyways. The medicine left a weird taste in my mouth :/ Now i eat or drink stuff will have this weird medicine taste in it :/ OH AND I DREAMT OF YOU. So awesome. You were petting me. I'm serious. Petting. Like i'm your cat or something. Like literally stroking my hair and stuff. Weird. But i liked itttt LOL.

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