Thursday, September 2, 2010


While i was doing my test today, i suddenly remember this horror movie i watched when i was young. I clearly remember this scene when you know cuz the clowns right, they capture the people and put them in this big bag and when the people inside, they will be like dissolved into blood thingy then the clown will just stick a straw into the bag and drink it. I TOLD HAYATI THEY ALL THEY THINK I'M CRAZY OR SOMETHING. IT'S NOT A DREAM. IT'S A REAL MOVIE.

I came home and asked my brother AND HE REMEMBERS. SEE!! IT'S REAL. Then don't know why i was freaking desperate to know what's the title... My brother gave me a huge hint. He told me it was "killer clown" something one. I WENT TO SEARCH AND I FOUND IT PEOPLE. I'M NOT CRAZY. THE SHOW IS CALLED KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE KAY. I don't know why i feel so super enlightened now. I feel like i found back a piece of my childhood. HAHAHAHA. FUCK YEAH. BUT OHMYGOSH SIA. The people is not kept inside bags sia. IT'S INSIDE COTTON CANDYS LIKE WTF. KKK. Here's the linky if you wanna read it ^^

yayyy. I should go study now. I don't wanna study for history liao luh. BIOLOGY! Yayy

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