Monday, October 4, 2010

emptying my brain

Yes. 5.30pm. How do i feel? My eyelids feels super fucking heavy. My shoulders feel like some fat person is sitting on it... My nose is STILL running. Oh wait. I forget i'm not suppose to use the word "fuck". Instead, i should use "INTERCOURSE". Yesyesyes. Biology term please. I'm so intercoursing tired i don't even know why i'm blogging. I just feel the need to talk to someone you know? So... I'mma talk to myself here. Feel free to skip this

Just now wuz at mos burger. Then right. When we eating, cannot hear any songs. The songs was soft like what the hell. But at one point, it was suddenly very quiet. Then this song started playing... The song... that reminds me of you... I don't mind if it's If We Ever Meet Again because it reminds me of you in a GOOD way. Make me happy. BUT IT'S THAT SONG. WHAT THE HELL. Makes me sad ): Saddy sad sad.

OH AND I GOT MY SELENA GOMEZ ALBUM FOR LIKE FINALLY. Haven heard the "Rock God" by her :/ kinda tired to listen to it now x.x AHH. I'mma sleep now maybe. And wake up at 10pm or later to do mah homework. Shit. I DON'T KNOW T.T

Am using mummy's lappy. Cuz me wanna play dragonfable in full screen :3 it lags on my com -.- I WANT THAT DRAGON AMULET. Speaking of money.... I brought 100 bucks to school today and came back with like 30 bucks. 27 for the bus concession, 23 for the album... 50 bucks gone. Where did the other 20 go? I have no idea. I SHOULD. STOP. SPENDING MONEY LIKE I GOT ALOT OF EM... Shuckss. I want a never ending supply of cash pls.

If i had to choose between you and katy perry, i really don't know. I mean it depends. If it means that if i choose you, you'll be with me and if i choose katy perry and she'll be with me... I think i'll choose... wifey...? But if its like those kind of situation where like both of you drowning... I DON"T KNOW MANZX. Can i like, save one of you, then use my life to exchange for the other? Heh.

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