Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gamey gamey

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Personally, i think my character looks uber sexy. HAHA I LOVE THAT ARMOURRRR. Gah. Koko made me addicted to it LOL! I need that Dragon Amulet... But it's so expensive!! I need like 40 bucks. Dang it... BUT THE DRAGON IS SO COOL WHEN I GROWS UP. There's this quest that let me try out the adult dragon to fight... So... damn... awesome...

This always happens when i play games that allows me to buy stuff with real cash!! I hate Habbo Hotel. Like literally hundreds of dollors WASTED. Cuz this idiot here was hacked countless of times. GAWD I'M STILL PISSED OFF OVER IT. I could have been like one of the RICHEST people in habbo yer know!! 2 accounts with like TONS of furniture gone. Fuck my fucking life!!!

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