Tuesday, October 12, 2010

on the top of the world! i hope i don't fall...

I know you miss this face so i shall post pictures of myself today!!!! ALRIGHTY. Today wasn't bad. Went late with YATI. She ask me to go late one!! Then something HILARIOUS happen. Cuz she needed to print out this ppr with our info and face on it, then right, she was like staring at hayati's picture. She was like "THIS IS YOU?!" LMFAO. Hayati was like yah... then the auntie was like "LOOK LIKE BOY LEH" OMG LOL SO MEAN.

Thennnn. Was at second floor waiting for they all to come out. Ragam was doing all these hilarious hand gestures. She was like asking me to come up but i totally ignored her and she thought i didn't understand what she was trying to say so she was like... LOL IDK HOW TO SAY. Then literature was as usual. The bird that comes and disturb miss ang every lesson. LOL. Combined humans actually also have sia. There's always this bug thingy flying around catchan when she just come in and flies away after that. Weee.

Thenthenthen... What elseee. Mrs hong said im pretty... Actually she was just using example like "Jasmin is prettier then X. Then you should say that Jasmin is pretty and not X" i can't really remember what she said tho. LOL. HEY. Don't cringe at this hor. Long time no ppl compliment me liao so this is good enough =X Yay. Kinda made my day. Not like some fucking rabbit who always say things like "cuter than you" and when Ms Keng say me pretty also then he is like disgusted. PLEASE. GROW. THE. FUCK. UP. At least if you're hot i can understand but YOU'RE NOT. Gawd. Why the hell did i even fall in love with you. I hate you (:

Then um what else.... OH. O level practical thingy. FIRST SHIFT. WHAT THE HELLL. 4 HOURS OF NOTHING. FML. CANNOT EVEN LISTEN TO SONG. WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO DO MAN. And Mr Giam was like asking "What is the first T?" Then i'm like GREEN TEA. He didn't hear it tho. Haha.

LASTLY, HISTORY MOCK PPR. So dead. I read the qn wrongly. Faster changed it in the end x.x Then the essay was total CRAP. Catchan is so adorable tho. She suddenly walked down the aisle to give us lollipop. Ahhh. Oh which reminds me... I told miss ang i'm in catchan's class and she's like shock. LOL. She's like YOU'RE IN MRS CHAN'S CLASS? Haha. Who knew a person like me can survive there right? Hoho

This is getting kinda long. I just wanna end with... YOU MADE MY FUCKING DAY MANZX. I LOVE YOUUU. Wait. The vulgar made it sound crude. YOU JUST MADE MY DAY~ WEEEEEEEEEE

ohohoh, P.S. Today lit was talking bout this poem about a guy who lost both his legs in war and miss ang say like nobody would love him cuz he disabled. Then i'm like, EVEN IF KATY PERRY LOST BOTH HER LEGS (TOUCHWOOD), I'LL STILL LOVE HER. I'll be there for her. I'll take care of her. I'll be her legs!!! i find it hard to type in smaller case letter when im this excited tho. okok i shld stop BYEEEEEEE

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