Saturday, October 16, 2010

silver lining?

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Damn... Oh wow. It's very sexy but it looks extremely uncomfortable to move around in... IT'S LATEX LEH. I mean like... Will got heat rash? LOL IDK. Gahhh.

ALRIGHTY. I have some good news! Well... Good for me and nothing for you guys. But still. It's AWESOME NEWS!!! For the past few months there hasnt been anything nice :/ All very depressing schtuff that covers up all those small little happy things. But i won't elaborate on thatttttt. If you hang out with me alot, you'll probably know this but it wouldn't kill to know again. SO HERE I GOOO HAHA

MY DAD MIGHT BE BUYING ME AN IPAD. I know i know. I used to think it's like... meh. BUT MY DAD IS FREAKING GONNA BUY ONE FOR ME. Cause i told him i want like a netbook or a laptop. Then one day he came home and he was like "Eh eh... You want iPad anot? ;)" Then i'm like "O.O IPAD?" Then he was like "Yah... The shop person say if want buy netbook, might as well buy iPad. Want?" So yeah. He say give him a little time. WEEEEE. Oh gosh.

Next is i WILL be getting the NIKE SHOE I WANT. Cause my mum say her friend had some extra ringgit laying around, so he gave SOME to her to buy that shoe for me. To me that's just bullshit have anot. LOL. I mean you think about it. He just happens to have 300ringgit laying around so he just give my mum. That's like 150 singapore dollors leh! If wanna buy the shoe for me then say lah :$ No need so indirect. HAHAHA. But seriously tho. Thank you! To whoever you are. I haven even met him before o.o But thank youuuuu~

Why do i feel like i'm getting more childish?! I mean... Everyone now is starting to get serious cuz o level is like coming but i'm still rolling around in my bed with my milk bottle ): YEAH TML GOING NTUC WITH MY MOTHER. WHICH MEANS!!! FOOOOOOOOOD. YAYYYYYY

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