Friday, April 9, 2010

They totally know

I know i've said this like alot of times but i have to say it. I LOVE FRIDAYS. I feel good~ yeah yeah yeah. During mother tongue was like LOL. You know those guys like to use their high voice to say stuff? Red font is me blue font is them
"Chia Li like Xavier!"
"Xavier like Viknesh!!"
"Jasmin you dont talk, sec 2 you like Xavier before!"
"My taste not that bad ok!"
LOl okay lah lame. but oh well~ SCHOOL COMPUTERS SUCKS. Especially those upstairs!! At least the 3rd floor one okok but the 4th floor is super suckish...

After school went to JP with Gaga and Mummy! AWESOME!!! Damn boredd got anot!! Skipped CCA again. I mean like already not 75%... Even if i go for this also won't 75% mah! Rightright? =X
Mummy went back to school and i went to Gaga de house to slack!! Her sofa seriously can fall asleep one niaaaaaa. Went home around 8+ and the weather was fucking warm to the point where my mum went out to buy an extra fan LOL. I accompanied her and this is where the awesomeness is!!

I walked into 7eleven and i heard it...
"What's somebody like you, doing in a place like this?"
Oh, i came here to buy some stuff!
"Say did you come alone, or did you bring all your friends?"
Naw, I came with my mum! She's waiting outside~
"Say what's your name, what you drinking i think i know what you thinking"
My name is Jasmin! I'm not drinking anything tho and i'm thinking of what ice cream to buy...
"Baby what's your sign, tell me yours i'll tell you mine"
"Say what's somebody like you doing in a place like this?"

There's been alot of such incidents... It's such a great big awesome coincidence! It's like they know i'm coming into the place... It's like Katy Perry knows my obsession with her... It's like... Sighh I LOVE YOU MANZX.

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