Friday, May 7, 2010

cute butt.

Sometimes, i'd rather be listening to music and being in my own world rather than talking or listening to people... I like listening to music when i'm out and about because if i don't, i'll be very very self conscious and paranoid. Extremely low self esteem... But with music, i can walk through any place without feeling anything manzx!

Furthermore most of the time people don't even listen to what i say!! After i say a whole lot of crap, they will be like huh? or they don't even look at me!!! Or they'll ask me the thing i just said. I JUST TOLD YOU! Huh? Really? You did? No lah no lah. My ass was talking to you. Damn it... Nevermind nevermind.

ALSO ALSO! I won't have to listen to my mum's nagging. SHE'S BIASED I TELL YOU! BIASED! My brother bring tons of friends come she nvr say. I bring friends come she NAGNAGNAGNAGNAGNAGNAG. STFU AND GTFO!!!!!!

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